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Our art projects are designed to be a unique social art experience for ages 13 and up. We strive to create designs that, upon completion, are suitable for framing and which you, the artist, can be proud! We provide our artists with a coloring page and the markers needed to create the project as presented. We offer basic instruction in watercolor marker techniques and color theory and then lead you through the project to an amazing completion!
Customer reviews:

"I created something beautiful!

I never considered myself an artist but I am really happy with how my art came out. Linda's instruction was very helpful and I was able to use colors that were compatible with my home decor. I also had a fantastic time chatting with a great group of people. I will definitely do it again."

"Fun, beautiful, and relaxing.

The Mingle and Marker events are just what you hope for if your looking to meet new people and create something wonderful at the same time. I highly recommend joining in on the events and seeing how talented you really are." I.V.